Week 3 – Day 4

TGU 14kg x3e.s

Half snatch 22kg @14rpm 1min e. s
Snatch 20kg @16rpm 3.5min e. s
Hang snatch 20kg @16rpm 1min e. s x3

oa swing 28kg 75/75
Cardio 30min (4min/3min intervals)

The half snatch still feels heavy and wobbly.
7min snatch was good.. maintained the 16rpm throughout.. had to do a few hang snatches towards the end though!    My hang snatches are still looking ugly.. i can’t seem to lean back enough and the bell is still projecting outwards 😦
Got a small tear on my right palm with the hang snatches.. poo!
i did add a few. more minutes rest in between sets.. i think i felt a bit of the fatigue.  I did train 5 days in a row this week so i think that may be it!
Overall a good session though.. 7min snatch at 16rpm is good 🙂

Very sweaty tho.. felt like 100 degress!



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