Week 4 – Day 4

TGU @16kg x1 e.s x3
Half snatch @22kg x40 reps, switch every 5 rep, rest 5min
Snatch @20kg x4min e.s @16rpm, rest 3-5min
Total time 7.45sec Reps: 119 pr

Hang snatch @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm, rest 1min *2

1 arm swing @28kg x100 e.s
Cardio x4min fast, 3min easy/ walk *4 rounds

managed to do the 40 half snatches without putting the bell down..nice improvement over earlier this week. Also managed to snatch just under 8min but got 119 reps..which is 2 more than my previous pr…so happy with that! Downside is the nasty callous is still not recovered..i opened it up again today..booo! It just needs a think layer of skin which might take a week or two..i’ll tape it up in the meantime so i don’t keep ripping the new skin!



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