Monthly Archives: November 2014

Week 9 – Day 1

Suitcase walk @22kg x20 steps e.s *2

Jerk @20kg x1min e.s @18rpm, rest 4min *4

GS Jump squat @55kg x80

Half Snatch @20kg x6min @16rpm, switch 30-60sec

Swing @24kg x80

Ab work


Tried to hit 20rpm on jerks but got 18 consistently so stuck to that. Half snatches got me a bit winded and sweaty ! Swings were a bit piddley too..40e.s


Week 8 – Day 4

Jerk 20kg @14rpm 7min 94 reps
Cardio 15min
Snatch 20kg @15rpm 6min 90reps
Cardio 15min
o/h holds 22kg 80sec e.s

Today was probably the mentally hardest session of the cycle.. i was aiming for 8min sets but just couldn’t.. both left sides were fine but then when I switched to the right my mind just wanted to give up and every rep was a struggle 😦 i gave up on both before my grip or strength or cardio gave up:( I guess I am ready to taper now!

Week 8 – Day 3

Cardio x20min

1swing 1snatch@20kg x4min left/3min right

Snatch @20kg x1min (weak side) @18rpm, rest 1min *3

Glove snatch @16kg x4min e.s @12rpm


I thought i survived today’s session unscathed but i have a water blister on my left hand underneath my index finger (on the outside) doesn’t look too bad (unless i rip it!). Might see if i put a band aid on it or something for Saturday.

Didn’t quite reach 8 min with the swing snatch and i took the glove snatches a bit slower..

Week 8 – Day 2

Suitcase walk @22kg x20 steps e.s *2

Jerk @20kg x3min e.s @13rpm
Jerk @20kg x1min (weak side) @18rpm, rest 1min *4 (all sets on weak side first, then repeat and match on strong side)

Hindu squats x35, 1 min rest *3

Glove snatch @16kg x2-4min e.s @16rpm


I have been trying to focus on my initial clean in the jerk – i find that if i catch the bell on my forearm before it lands on my trunk i get a much nicer hand insertion and that then flows onto a much better rack position and overall better (easier) set ! I don’t get it right 100% of the time so i am trying to improve on that !

Hindu squats kill me ! i wobble down the stairs at the end of the session!

Week 8 – Day 1

TGU @14kg x1 e.s x2

Jerk @20kg x1min (weak side) @18rpm, rest 1min *5 (all sets on weak side first, then repeat and match on strong side)

GS Jump squat @70kg x60 x2


Snatch @20kg x1min (weak side) @18rpm, rest 1min *5 (all sets on weak side first, then repeat and match on strong side)

Oh hold @22kg x75sec  total e.s


All good today. Hands are looking a little shabby – no rips but i need to shave my calluses tonight so i will do my jerk day tomorrow and snatches on thursday to give them a bit of time off (they always feel a little tender after i shave calluses).

Week 7 – Day 3

Jerk @20kg x4min e.s @12rpm – total reps: 98 PR

Slow cardio x15min

Snatch @20kg x7.5min @15rpm total reps: 108

Slow cardio x15min


My jerk set felt much more relaxed today, left side was really good i went for the lower end and paced at 12rpm but sped up the last two minutes to 13. Right side was a bit weaker but nevertheless got to 4min each side. I could have probably squeezed in a few more reps. 98 reps is a PR by one rep..happy with that!

Snatch set was a little better than last week – i paced myself better with 2 breaths in overhead which worked well on my left side – my right side is still weaker and even though i didn’t quite get to 4min i managed about 20 seconds more than last week so i will take it !

I am confident i can get to 100 reps consistently with both jerk and snatch ..more than that is on the tough end of things…

Week 7 – Day 2

Suitcase walk @22kg x20 steps e.s *2

Black snatch@20kg x4.5min e.s @free easy tempo (min 1-2: 2sw 1sn, min 3-4: 1sw 1sn, min 5: Sn only @12rpm)
rest 2min
Hang Snatch @20kg x1min e.s

Jerk @20kg x2min e.s @13rpm

Jerk @20kg x6min @16rpm, switch every 30sec

Hindu squats x30, 1 min rest *3

Swing  @32kg x10 every 30sec *10


Managed about 40 seconds longer than last week on the black snatch. Was aiming for 8min in the jerk intervals but got 4min then 1 min rest then an extra 2 6min all up.