Week 7 – Day 2

Suitcase walk @22kg x20 steps e.s *2

Black snatch@20kg x4.5min e.s @free easy tempo (min 1-2: 2sw 1sn, min 3-4: 1sw 1sn, min 5: Sn only @12rpm)
rest 2min
Hang Snatch @20kg x1min e.s

Jerk @20kg x2min e.s @13rpm

Jerk @20kg x6min @16rpm, switch every 30sec

Hindu squats x30, 1 min rest *3

Swing  @32kg x10 every 30sec *10


Managed about 40 seconds longer than last week on the black snatch. Was aiming for 8min in the jerk intervals but got 4min then 1 min rest then an extra 2 min..so 6min all up.


4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Day 2

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Motivation for day 3 must be world championship in Hamburg, get yourself in the competition mind set.
    if you have the chance of a longer break between jerk and snatch, take it, and easy steady cardio, nothing wild!


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