Week 7 – Day 3

Jerk @20kg x4min e.s @12rpm – total reps: 98 PR

Slow cardio x15min

Snatch @20kg x7.5min @15rpm total reps: 108

Slow cardio x15min


My jerk set felt much more relaxed today, left side was really good i went for the lower end and paced at 12rpm but sped up the last two minutes to 13. Right side was a bit weaker but nevertheless got to 4min each side. I could have probably squeezed in a few more reps. 98 reps is a PR by one rep..happy with that!

Snatch set was a little better than last week – i paced myself better with 2 breaths in overhead which worked well on my left side – my right side is still weaker and even though i didn’t quite get to 4min i managed about 20 seconds more than last week so i will take it !

I am confident i can get to 100 reps consistently with both jerk and snatch ..more than that is on the tough end of things…


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