Monthly Archives: December 2014

End of my training year

Well i guess this is it. It’s been a hard long year of training and it’s a shame to end it a few days before my comp but other things have popped up that have taken priority and have taken a bigger toll on me than i realized.

I have achieved a lot this year..from thinking i’d never get past 30 reps with the 18kg to consistently hitting 100 reps in jerk and snatch with the 20kg.

I will take a break from kettlebells now and hopefully come back with renewed energy and hunger next year…and pick up where i am leaving off now.

Big big thanks to my coach Thierry you’ve been a big support and we’ve worked well. i am sorry i couldn’t show all the hard work on the platform..but the tide will turn and it will come my way 😉


Week 10 – Day 1

Jerk 20kg @13,14,15rpm 3min e.s

Snatch 20kg @12 rpm 1min


Not the best Monday. I was able to get 5.5 min on the jerk but the snatches were just not there..1min each side..i tried with the 18kg but only got 10reps before i put it down and put my stuff away. It’s been an intense week and my head is very full. I have been training for 7 months and it sucks that it won’t show on the platform..i just don’t think i will be at 100%..but going for 50% is better than nothing i guess. And it just fuels the belly for next time. I have my tickets and hotel booked so i can’t back out completely..que sera sera

Week 9 – Day 3

Snatch 12-20kg 1min each then switch
Slow cardio 15min
Jerk 12-20kg 1min each then switch
Slow cardio 15min

Wasn’t intending to train today but i have a family issue i need to deal with so i am travelling interstate this afternoon for a few days.. got my last session in before i leave.
Snatches were good.. jerks a bit more difficult.. had to add an extra minute rest between the 18kg and 20kg bells.

Week 9 – Day 2

TGU @14kg x1e.s *2

Snatch @16kg x3min e.s @18rpm, rest 5min
Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @15rpm

Rest 10min

Jerk @16kg x3min @18rpm, rest 5min
jerk @20kg x1min e.s @15rpm

Ab work


All good today ! Early mornings are getting hot though..sweat central ! Have had a bit of an ache on my right elbow lately, i put the heat lamp on it last night and it feels much better! I looked up tennis elbow and it’s not that as i don’t have any issues with my wrist or grip..just an achey feeling in the mornings..probably just the training. Will continue with putting the lamp on it this week !