Monthly Archives: January 2015

New year new plan

Hello 2015 🙂 I can’t believe it’s nearly Feb already!

Anyho..things have been pretty hectic around, work, friends, stuff, life ! I’m going to be traveling for work in the next few weeks then my bro is coming over from Argentina and then i am going to Europe for a few weeks…sooooo all that has made me rethink my GS focus. I’ve decided to take a break..with no comps in sight and nothing really to keep me motivated to train i don’t see the point. And to be honest i think i am falling out of love with GS..guess it happens.

I’ve been following a strength program for the last 8 weeks and i can see some nice muscle definition coming through..can’t deny that i like that a lot! So I’ll be doing some strength/bodybuilding stuff..getting in shape for my summer holiday 🙂

Might get back into GS later in the year..we’ll see what happens..until then happy training 🙂