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Week 8 – Day 3

Jerk 16kg @16rpm 8min set here is the video
Total: 117

Snatch 16kg @18rpm 8min set here is the video
R: 16/15/13/10

Hindu squats 70

Tried to concentrate more on jerk technique..i know where i am going wrong now. I did feel less fatigue but i need a lot of work.
Snatches were meant to be a 10min set but only managed 8min.
Overall my numbers are down compared to 8 weeks ago. I can definitely say that i have gone backwards in terms of progress and where i once was confident about going into the next comp being able to improve my results by 10% i now think that will be highly unlikely. I don’t want to be too negative but i think i have missed the mark and peaked too soon or fatigue has set in and i need a break from the sport. I will be taking 6 or 8 weeks off after this comp to do other stuff and hopefully come back stronger next year.
So in terms of numbers this is what they look like and why i am so gloomy today:
jerks 16kg
12/8/2013 8min set 109 reps
17/8/2013 8min set 125 reps
24/8/2013 8min set 126 reps
31/8/2013 8min set 116 reps
02/9/2013 8min set 129 reps
31/10/2013 8min set 117 reps Today

Snatch 16kg
12/8/2013 10min set 145 reps
14/8/2013 10min set 157 reps
17/8/2013 12min set 165 reps
24/8/2013 8min set 131 reps
27/8/2013 8min set 143 reps
31/8/2013 8min set 135 reps
25/10/2013 8min set 119reps (18kg kb)
31/10/2013 8min set 116 reps today couldn’t manage 10 min set


Week 8 – Day 2

Jerk 18kg @16rpm 10min set (sw every min)

Snatch 18kg @18rpm 10min set (sw every min)
18 /17/16/14/12

AMRAP 3.5 rounds 10min
Rope skip x20
Swing2squat 12kg x12
1leg rdl 2x16kg x10e.s
1 arm row 24kg x5e.s
Burpees x5

No extra GPP for the next 3 no running or Kickboxing till after comp.. Just nice walk to work on off days.
Jerk felt better today.. Better than last week.  Also nearly got 1 whole round of amrap more than last week.. So progress.

Week 8 – Day 1

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 5min set

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 5min set

Black snatch 20kg 6min set
Black snatch 18kg 4min set

Swings 28kg 35/35
Hindu squats 60
Abs 15/15/30

My right jerk is getting worse 😦 could only manage 2min on the right and half the reps compared to my left. Don’t really now what is going on there but my right arm just fatigues a lot quicker than my left..i just go weak and cant lift anymore a lot sooner than what my left does. Not too happy about this. So i couldn’t get to 2.5 on each side..maxed out at about the 2min mark.

Black snatch with the 20kg was hard..only managed 3min on each side. I had my hand taped to protect the blister i got on saturday and the bandage was coming off as i was snatching so i cut it short and did 2 more min on each side with the 18kg.

I have increased the weight of my heavy swings ..i was getting about 75 reps with the 24 so i have gone up to the 28kg.

I am a bit worried about my right arm jerks..or my jerks in general as i am not really seeing much progress..and it feels like i am actually going backwards with them 😦

Week 7 – Day 3

Jerk 18kg @16rpm 8min set
L: 15/11/10/2
Total: 78

Snatch 18kg @18rpm 8min set
R: 18/15/12/8
Total: 119

Clean PP 16kg @6rpm 4 min set

Cleans 20kg @16rpm 6min set

Double swing 16kg+18kg 70reps/80reps

Hindu squats 60
Side situps 10kg 15/15

Jerks felt very heavy today.. Last minute on each arm was terrible.. Didn’t quite get to 4min on the left.
Snatches were good.. PR and hands were perfect.
Heavy cleans with the 20kg taxed my grip and I could feel myself holding the kb handle too tight.. Got a small tear on my left palm 😦 you can see in the pic where i got most of the chalk off.. In the middle!
Looking forward to my day off’s been a hard week! Next week i will do only 2 GPP sessions instead of 3. My gym is now offering stretching classes so i will try one and see!


Week 7 – Day 2

Jerk 18kg @16rpm 12min set (sw every min)

Snatch 18kg @18rpm 12min set (sw every min)

AMRAP 10min (3 sets)
Rope skip x20
Swing2squat 12kg x12
1leg rdl 2x14kg x10e.s
1 arm row 24kg x5e.s
Burpees x5

As i was getting through my jerks and snatches i was wondering why i wasn’t hitting the target reps..then when i finished i realised we have gone up in weight this week ..last few weeks were 16kg now we have bumped up to 18kg..that made sense why it was a little tougher than usual to maintain my pace;)
The AMRAP circuit was a killer..those swings2squats are just horrible…i was intending to do the full 20 reps but after 12 i just couldn’t do anymore! Killer!

Friday update: trap DOMS today!

Week 7 -Day 1

Jerk 20kg @14rpm 2min set here is the side view video
Here is the slow motion side view
R: 12

Jerk 20kg @14rpm 2min set
R: 12

Jerk 20kg @14rpm 2min set

Black snatch 18kg
L: 5min
R: 5min

Clean push press 16kg @8rpm 4min set

Swings 24kg 70/70

Side flexion 10kg 15/15/15/15

Happy to say that my neck is 99% better. I was a bit weary so i didn’t go 100%. Finished very sweaty and no neck muscle issues so i am feeling more confident now!
Jerks i started with my right side..still not equal strength to my left. Side view video is up. This was my first set so i was feeling a little weary about throwing my head back too much.
Snatch my right was really tired at about minute 4.5 so again i didn’t go the full 12minutes.