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Week 7 – Day 4

Snatch @16rpm 20kg 3.5mins e.s
Reps: 112 PR

GS squats @60kg 45×2

Jerk @17rpm 18kg 4min e.s
Reps: 124 pr for this time

Glove snatch 12kg 8mins 140 reps
OA jerk 20kg 12/12

Well after a bit of an annoying week with neck, shoulder and elbow/forearm issues i finished the week with 2 prs…so i cant really complain. The volume has been a lot and my body is having some adjustment issues but its working and i am hitting bigger numbers…i cracked the 20kg 7min snatch at 16rpm..and my jerk wasn’t too bad either for 8min..
I did skip the cardio today..just wasn’t into it.

I am in two minds about next week..i am now at close to 8min jerk and 8min snatch sets..i just don’t know if i can do an 8min jerk set then an 8min snatch set every day for 5 days..i am enjoying the doing more cardio everyday and it seems to be numbers are improving..maybe with this format i can manage 2 weeks of high volume followed by one week of lower (not deload low just a bit lower) then back up to slightly more…

What is scaring me right now is the thought of injury and having to give up kbs..i know that is extreme..but yeah..this week just got me a bit paranoid 😦


Week 7 – Day 3

Jerk @18kg x3-4min e.s @16rpm
Total time:7min Reps: 112

1Swing 1Snatch @18kg x4min e.s @ easy tempo reps: 80

Double jerk @2*14kg x1min @15rpm/ 1min rest *5 sets

1 arm swing @24kg x40 reps e.s

Cardio Intervals Cycle x15min

Scaled down the jerks to total of 7min @16rpm and the swing snatches with the 18kg instead of 20kg. Double jerks were fine. Scaled down the heavy swings to 24kg.

Happy to say that my neck and shoulder are feeling much better! I was able to jerk and snatch with hardly any discomfort. The only thing is that i now notice a small discomfort on my left inner elbow..i think i am getting old and like those wooden fix one thing and another goes out of whack 😦

I am wondering whether this new format is maybe too much volume? This is the progression of volume of the last few weeks (you can see the full breakdown here):

Week 2: 22000kg
Week 3: 24300kg
Week 4: 24300kg
Week 5: 11400kg (deload)
Week 6: 29600kg
Week 7: neck pain, shoulder muscle pain, missed a day, discomfort in my elbow

Maybe the sudden increase compounded a few niggles that i already had? I am ok working at the 25000 per week and i do enjoy the extra cardio..but just not sure if my body can handle working at around 30000kg per week.


5km run

Neck and left shoulder still feeling a bit tender.  I can move it to the sides and up/down but I am a bit scared to try jerks just yet.  Might scale down to 14kg tomorrow and give that a go.

Week 7 – Day 2

Snatch @20kg x3-4min e.s @14-16rpm
Total time: 7min Reps: 16/16/16/8 16/16/16/4 Total: 102

GS squat @60kg x40 *2 sets

Jerk @18kg x3-4min e.s @16-18rpm
Total time: 7.45min Reps: 17/17/17/12 1717/17/4 Total: 118

Glove snatch @12kg x4min e.s @14rpm Total reps:111

1 arm jerk @22kg x12reps e.s

Rowing Cardio x14 min (10s+50s) 4.81km

Lost track of reps in my snatch..i was going a bit fast but i am sure i did more than 100 reps..and just under 7min. I did a few shoulder and back stretches with a band and that seemed to have worked as i didn’t feel that muscle pull as much as last week.

I also took my roller ball and rolled my lower back before the jerks..also helped a lot! Now i am just feeling a slight stiffness on my left neck/shoulder..i will roll it out today and tomorrow and see how i go. Seems like my left side is a bit out of balance..not sure if it’s the sudden increase in volume or what but i will make sure i spend more time rolling and stretching this week!

Update : Well I went to see my chiro yesterday and now I feel 100 times worse 😦 can hardly move my neck.. looks like i may have to take it easy for a few days.. 😦

Week 7 – Day 1

Jerk @18kg x 9-11min @14rpm
Total time: 10min Reps: 14/14/14/14/16 14/14/14/14/13 Total: 141 PR

Snatch @18kg x9-11min @16rpm
Total time: 8min Total reps: 128

Cardio Cycle x30min (4min hard, 3 min easy *4 sets) 8km

Nice start to the week..10min jerk set 141 reps..overall PR for 18kg 🙂
My timer ran out of batteries during my snatch so i got a bit confused with total time..i think i did between 8-9min.

Week 6 – Day 5

Jerk @18kg x3-4min e.s @16-18rpm
Total time: 7min Reps: 18/18/18/8 18/18/17/4 Total: 119 PR

1 Swing 1Snatch @20kg x4-6min e.s @ easy tempo
Total time: 8min Total reps: 70

Double jerk @2*14kg x1min @16rpm/ 1min rest *5 sets

1 arm swing @28kg x60 reps e.s

Cardio x20 min 2.5km jog

Well a very good end to the week..PR with the jerks..couldn’t quite maintain 18rpm but i was closer than any other day this week! Also improved on the double jerks..2 more reps than earlier this week.

Week 6 – Day 4

Jerk @18kg x3-4min e.s @16-18rpm
Total time: 7min Reps: 17/17/17/7 17/17/17/7 Total: 116

GS squat @60kg x40, *3 sets

Snatch @20kg x3-4min e.s @14-16rpm
Total time: 6.5min Reps: 16/16/16/3 16/16/16/1 Total: 100 PR

1 arm jerk @22kg x12 reps e.s
1 arm swing @28kg x60 reps e.s

Rowing Intervals 13min 4.48km

Jerks went well..1 rep less than yesterday..managed 7min so i am happy with that.
Snatch still can’t quite get to 7min @16rpm..i did 3min15sec on each a total of 100 reps which is a PR so i am happy with that !
Added 1min to my rowing intervals..i think 5km in 15min is very doable in a matter of one or two weeks 🙂