Monthly Archives: December 2013

Holiday session 2

Jerk 14kg @16rpm 5min set
Jerk 14kg @14rpm 5min set
Jerk 14kg @12rpm 5min set

Snatch 12kg @20rpm 5min set
Glove snatch 14kg multi switch 12min


Holiday session

Jerk 14kg @16rpm 4min set
Jerk 14kg @14rpm 4min set
Jerk 14kg @12rpm 4min set

Glove snatch 14kg multi switch 10min set

90min hike in the bush

Slowly getting back into GS.. Jerks were a struggle 2min each side.. I was doing them in my sneakers and out in  the garden hehe..
Snatches was aiming for 5min each side but holiday laziness set in and i opted for multi switch.. 2min, 1min, 2min

Will try to get at least two more sessions in before we leave..

Swk4 – Day 1

A1. Bench press 32.5kg 6/6/5
A2.  Box squat 40kg 9/9/9

B1.  Bench press 32.5kg 5/5/5
B2. Inverted rows bw 15 /15 /15

Glute  bridge 50kg 10/10/10
Windmills 12kg 10/10

Heavy swings 28kg 50/50

10min hill climb

Good training today..stronger on all lifts!

Swk3 – Day3

A1. Lat pulldown 42.5kg 6/6/6
A2. Bb Push press 30kg 5/8/7

A1. Lat pulldown 42.5kg 4/4/4
A2. Rev lunge 2x12kg 15 /15 /15

Calf raise 12.5kg 10/10/10
Bb twist 30kg 10/10/10

Kb swing 28kg 40/40

Rowing 10min 2.26km

Slight muscle pull under my left shoulder blade will doing bb push press .. Have been rolling it out with my ball..can feel a twinge when i turn my head to the left but no major loss of range of movement so will monitor it.